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Auburn Angel's Heads

Visit my Hair Studio if you are interested in having me
 design an original  Custom Head for you for a nominal fee.

Auburn Angel's Hair Studio

Some Instructions to help get you started...


Choosing a Head for Your Doll Request
at Heavenly Creations
The Hair color links are posted at the top of this page.   Click on the hair color you want, note the number on your favorite head, and be sure to let the artist know which
head # you would like on your doll.
When you are ready to put in your request, click on the 'Return to Forum' link at the top left side of the page.
~Happy Hunting~

Great News!
A lot of People have been asking to use my heads so I have decided to share my 2003 collection with you. 
First of all, I want to applaud the Delphi Artist community for your respect of my work.  Other than a few misfortunate incidents, most of you artists have patiently waited for me to offer these heads for your use.  To all of you who waited and maintained high standards of integrity, I have much respect for you!  You have honored me and I will not forget that--Thank You!

Palace Heads
I have a large collection of  Prep heads I collected and 'cleaned up' from the Palace Chat Program.  These files are labeled 'Palace Heads'.  Feel free to save, edit, and use these files as you wish. It is not necessary to link me for using these, but it would be a kind gesture of appreciation for the time I spent preparing these files for your use.
Auburn Angel 2003 Head Edits
I will now be sharing my 2003 Auburn Angel Head Edits upon request.  These are Palace heads which I have edited over the past year and a half.  Many of you know me for the detailed work I do on my head editing.  I never would have been inspired to do any of these heads if it weren't for doll-makers and palace editors sharing their work with the doll community over the years. I loved these cartoon dolls since the first time I layed eyes on them.  Now it is my turn to give back to the doll community.  I hope you enjoy my head edits, and may you continue to pour your heart into your own doll-making.
Auburn Angel
Terms of Use
1   Please Do Not claim my 2003 Head Edits as your own work.  AA Head Edits may NOT be edited--they are to be used as is. (If you want to try to edit heads, you are free to edit the heads labeled 'Palace Heads')
NOBODY has my permission to edit my heads and sell them for profit.  You may not profit off my work.  If you are selling doll heads, you should be doing your own original work.
2   If you use these heads for dollmaking/sigmaking please provide a 'Thank-You' Credit and link to Auburn Angel on your website
3.  You may NOT post my Link on your website or forum as your "Choose a head Here" Link  (doing that uses up my bandwidth).  *You must save and upload the gif files to your own website*
If you are interested in using my 2003 Head Edits I would be happy to share. Just click on my link below to request my head files.

Permission to use heads

 * * NOTICE * *
It continues to be a joy for me to share my heads with other dollmakers and forums   : )
If you want to save and post my Head files on your site to have people choose heads from, that is fine.  The reason I made these heads is so people would have a greater variety of heads to choose from.  However, I have noticed that some of you are posting my website link button on your forums as your "choose a head here" link.  Please do not do thisI cannot host 'head choces' for the hundreds of  forums and websites who have permission to use my heads.  If I were to allow that,  my bandwidth would quickly run down and my link would become inactive. 
In case there is a misunderstanding of my terms of use, please refer to Rule #3, which states that if you want to use my heads, you must save and upload the files to your own webhosting site. 
Thank you kindly for your understanding and cooperation.
Please help me keep this site up and running. 

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